Do you want to grow a successful business?


Hi, I’m Emmie and I love working with businesses to help them thrive and succeed.

I have set up, run and successfully sold multiple companies in the digital and marketing space.

I believe business growth should be fun and make a positive impact on those around you.


Business Growth Consultant Emmie Faust
Business Growth Consultant Emmie Faust

Grow your business so you can make an impact and a profit


Get profitable customers not just any customers


Save money by identifying inefficiencies and streamlining costs


Put a strategy in place so you save time by focusing on what matters


Measure your marketing, so you can see where there is potential for growth

Since Emmie came in to help us develop our marketing strategy we have made huge progress in getting lots of initiatives identified and actioned. We have also been getting new business almost immediately. To have such a bundle of positivity and energy come in to help us has been a joy. Thoroughly great value.

Nick Butcher, Founder

Beyond London

Emmie provided a great insight into evaluating our current marketing strategy and we worked together to put a new improved strategy in place through looking at our customer journey and into how we can improve this to increase sales leads & revenue. It was a pleasure working with Emmie and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their current marketing strategy.

Daniel Caleb

Wellcome Trust

Emmie carried out a full review of our business needs particularly focusing on marketing and digital media. She continues to provide fantastic support and advice in almost every area and Emmie is a dream to work with. She is super efficient, very calm and incredibly thorough.

Kate Prince, Founder

Ancient + Brave



[13] Are you creating the right kind of content?

[13] Are you creating the right kind of content?

Today I'm going to talk about content, and why content's important for businesses, and how you can create great content. So the previous episode we talked about websites and why it's important to audit your website or to get someone to have a look at your website and...

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