What does Growth mean to you?

I’ve been thinking about growth quite a lot recently. Words like ‘abundance’ and ‘connection’ spring to mind, and then maybe the more hardcore ones like ‘data’, ‘knowledge’ and ‘revenue’.

Growth to me is focused on 3 things:

  • Digital growth – everyone wants to future-proof their business, don’t they?
  • Business growth – what can we do to turn our ideas and dreams into profitable ventures that make a positive impact?
  • Personal growth – from imposter syndrome and perfectionism to mindset and well-being; these are all things we grapple with as we examine ourselves and our personal growth … and it’s not always easy.

On Monday I started The A – Z of Growth.

Every weekday I’ll be picking the next letter in the alphabet and yesterday it was A.

  • A, to me, is Abundance – I love the idea of an abundant mindset, full of possibility.
  • A is Action – taking action is critical to move on in your business and get results. And that is what we all want isn’t it?
  • A is Affiliates – an easy way to define affiliates is referral partners who send you targeted traffic/referrals. I’ve just done a podcast on this topic with an affiliate expert, Matt Brown and will be releasing it shortly.

I’m loving all the suggestions I got from you on Linkedin yesterday for letter A!

I’ll be featuring some of your thoughts on growth right here in my LinkedIn newsletter on Friday and giving some of you a little shout out!

I want to know what growth means to you. Let me know in the comments

PS Click here if you want The A to Z of Growth with Emmie Faust

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