This is the trailer for The Business Greenhouse.

Its a podcast for business owners who want to grow a company that thrives whatever the weather.

Most people are in business to generate a profit which is great.  But I believe there is more to it than that.

How can we run a business, have fun whilst doing it, look after ourselves and consider the impact on our staff, suppliers and those around us?  And genuinely caring about our customers, bringing them joy and giving them an amazing customer experience?

These are the topics that we will explore in this podcast.

I’ll be chatting to experts who will be sharing their strategies, tactics and tips on how to grow a successful business and I will also be sharing my insights and stories from my own entrepreneurial journey.

The Business Greenhouse Trailer

You’ve planted the seed. It needs to be nurtured and looked after, the outside elements can be a challenge at times, but you are not alone and together we can all flourish. One of the main things to remember is that it can feel lonely at times running a business but there is a whole community of business owners going through the same thing.  I hope that The Business Greenhouse can bring that community together.

Thank you to Ria Hebden from Wonder Women TV for the shout out at the end of this podcast and for asking me to sit on her Advisory Board.