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This is my blog where I share my experiences of setting up, running and scaling businesses.

Read more to learn about the highs and lows, the good and bad times, the great times and the downright difficult times. I share how I hunted out opportunities, secured investment, sold businesses and formed strategic partnerships. 

I also write about some of my favourite topics such as marketing (a big part of business growth), digital transformation, employing staff, time management, finance and numbers and delighting your customers.



Helping the founder of a cookery business pivot her business online after COVID-19 hit.   Background   Louisa Chapman-Andrews is a food...

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Helping an ambitious founder to create a strategy for growth and achieve her funding targets.   Background  Suzann Bozorgi is the founder of...

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Taking Action + Growth

Are you resisting taking action? Being in constant planning mode can distract us from putting ourselves out there and taking action. The compound...

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