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This is my blog where I share my experiences of setting up, running and scaling businesses.

Read more to learn about the highs and lows, the good and bad times, the great times and the downright difficult times. I share how I hunted out opportunities, secured investment, sold businesses and formed strategic partnerships. 

I also write about some of my favourite topics such as marketing (a big part of business growth), digital transformation, employing staff, time management, finance and numbers and delighting your customers.


#72 Crowdfunding in COVID with Frankie Kearns

I'm talking with Frankie Kearns, the co-founder of The Park Brewery that was founded with the aim of making small-batch, high-quality, flavor-packed ales. After a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2018, Frankie and her partner were able to nearly quadruple the capacity of the brew kit, move to...

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#71 Tea + Growth: Brand Building and Values

Tea + Growth: Brand Building and Values Today on Tea + Growth Laura Perkes and I are talking about defining your purpose and brand values and injecting them into every touch point in your business. When you're ready to work with me here are the ways that I can help you build your brand and values...

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#70 Performance Health Checks with Tina Jennings

Performance Health Checks with Tina Jennings Crucial ways to unlock the strengths of your team to grow your business: an interview with Tina Jennings - Change and Culture specialist Your team is critical to your business growth. As leaders, we need to understand their strengths and then fill in...

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#69 Growth + Marketing

The secrets of building a leading sock brand: an interview with Ryan Palmer from London Sock Company. I loved chatting to Ryan Palmer, the founder of London Sock Company - he shared some amazing insights about how to grow your brand, performance marketing, and lots more. Here are 5 fantastic...

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#68 Tea + Growth with Laura Perkes

Watch the episode on LinkedIn Watch on Youtube:   Resources from Emmie I record these interviews live on LinkedIn at 12 noon on Friday. I host a whole load of rooms on Clubhouse each week all around growth + marketing + digital come and join me and ask any questions.  My username is @emmie...

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#67 Crowdfunding for Growth

I'm super excited to be talking to Hannah Forbes on LinkedIn Live about all things crowdfunding. Hannah is my co-host in the ScaleUp Club For Founders and we'll be hopping over to Clubhouse straight after our chat. We're going to be talking: What does the perfect crowdfunding campaign look like?...

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