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This is my blog where I share my experiences of setting up, running and scaling businesses.

Read more to learn about the highs and lows, the good and bad times, the great times and the downright difficult times. I share how I hunted out opportunities, secured investment, sold businesses and formed strategic partnerships. 

I also write about some of my favourite topics such as marketing (a big part of business growth), digital transformation, employing staff, time management, finance and numbers and delighting your customers.


#65 Why you need to be marketing-led

Marketing should create value and a profit, not create a dent on the balance sheet. Join me today when I talk to marketing expert and trainer,¬†Peter Sumpton - Chartered Marketer, to talk about all things marketing Peter‚Äôs two favourite Marketing quotes are: ‚ě°Ôłé ‚ÄėPeople like us, do things like this‚Äô...

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Helping the founder of a cookery business pivot her business online after COVID-19 hit.   Background   Louisa Chapman-Andrews is a food writer, author and teacher who had a thriving business running face-to-face cookery workshops.¬†¬† As a result of COVID-19, Louisa had to close her...

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Helping an ambitious founder to create a strategy for growth and achieve her funding targets.   Background¬† Suzann Bozorgi is the founder of RoomLab ‚Äď a business that offers a personalised online interior design service.¬† Suzann hired me to help her with a digital marketing strategy and...

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Grad Careers Coach

How one entrepreneur went from ideas-overwhelm and no growth strategy to tripling her monthly revenue target.   Background¬† When Anika contacted me, she was lacking a clear business growth strategy for her company, Grad Careers Coach, which helps ambitious international students secure...

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Wellcome Collection

Working with a venue-hire business to create a strategic marketing plan to increase bookings, reconnect with lapsed customers and achieve growth.   Background¬† Wellcome Collection is a London-based museum and library, with a focus on health and the human experience. There are various rooms...

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#61 In a conversation with Jessica Healy

On today's Live I'm talking with agency owner Jessie Healy all about niching and why it's been a key part of her agency growth. It's definitely a topic that comes up time and time again - to niche or not to niche. It's been a tricky one for me too as I have experience across so many different...

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#60 In a conversation with Dan Murray-Serter

In this episode, I'm talking with Dan Murray-Serter a serial entrepreneur & podcast host. He's the Co-Founder of Braincare company Heights (which recently completed a record-breaking crowdfund) and host of the UK's number 1 business podcast Secret Leaders. We talked about Braincare and the...

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#59 Networking for Business Growth

Do you believe in the power of networking? A Harvard Business Review article I've just read talks about how having a support network as a leader is critical to success. LinkedIn, traditional networking, online networking and masterminds are all kinds of networking. The know, like and trust factor...

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#58 Taking Action + Growth

Are you resisting taking action? Being in constant planning mode can distract us from putting ourselves out there and taking action. The compound effect of taking action can be massive (in a good way!) but it's sometimes difficult to remember that when we're starting out with a new project. 10...

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#57 Mentors + Outside Expertise = Growth

There is so much value in getting help when you are a founder. Whether that be a mentor, non-exec director (NED), advisor or a consultant. Mentors have often been there and might be one step ahead of you and can share their expertise and learning and support. Where are you lacking skills and...

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#56 Achievable SMART goals + Growth

It's great to have goals in place for 2021 and let's make them SMART goals. However, let's make sure that they are achievable. With everything that is going on in the world at the moment with lockdown, homeschooling and the economy let's make sure that they are realistic and achievable (but still...

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