Which of these 3 key roles are you missing in your scale-up?

I know from setting up and scaling businesses myself, it can be really lonely, can’t it?

As an entrepreneur, as a business founder, everyone’s looking to you for the answers. For direction, for encouragement.

Developing those leadership skills can be a challenge – especially if this is your first time being in that sort of role.

And if you’re seeking, or have secured funding, you’ve got this added pressure of investors to then think about.

It’s enormously pressurised. Actually being able to become the leader that you want, intentionally and confidently, can be exceptionally hard in that space and at that stage of business.

What I’ve learned later, through consulting for dozens of businesses who are scaling up, is that when founders seek support from experienced people who can empathise and guide them, they are better able to navigate the challenges they face.

Six out of 10 businesses in the UK don’t make it to the five-year mark.

Six out of 10 businesses in the UK don’t make it to the five-year mark – evidence of a huge gap in leadership skills in this country. I spoke to a recruiter the other day and we were wondering whether this is down to the lack of external support as businesses are scaling (talking non-exec directors and mentors) – I think it probably is.

Recently on my podcast, ‘Starting to Scale with Emmie Faust’, I interviewed Rebecca Morley, a leadership coach working with entrepreneurs and businesses that are scaling up.

We talked about how to get the right kind of support at the right phase, including, the 3 key roles that can all make a difference to the success of your scale-up:

The business growth consultant, the coach, and the non-executive director.

Listen here to discover the difference between them, and how to know who to hire when. Or find episode #38 on Starting to Scale with Emmie Faust on your favourite podcasting platform.

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We had a fantastic non-exec director called Rob Noble. He helped us navigate some of the really challenging circumstances at work, especially at times like when we were selling our business (and for us that was the first time). So thanks, Rob!

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