How to run a successful business and look after yourself. This could be a game-changer if you want to run your business in a holistic way – making money AND looking after yourself and all the people that your business will impact.


Connect and learn with a group of female entrepreneurs. Find like-minded founders  who believe in collaboration, support and having fun. And learn how to grow a thriving business at the same time! Workshops coming soon, so watch this space.



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The Business Greenhouse Podcast is for entrepreneurs who want to grow a thriving business. If you care about your customers, staff, suppliers, the planet, your shareholders and looking after yourself then this is the podcast for you.

The Business Greenhouse is an initiative led by me, Emmie Faust.

My mission is to bring entrepreneurs together to connect, learn and grow a thriving business.

I believe in the power of human connection, supporting each other, collaborating, learning and having fun.

Running a business and working on your own can be lonely and challenging at times. But working for yourself and having your own business is an amazing opportunity to do what you love and make a positive impact.

I’ve got 4 kids and set up, scaled and sold multiple businesses so I understand the highs and the lows.

Business Greenhouse Values

Business Greenhouse: Collaborative


We believe in collaboration over competition.

At every event that you come to, we want you to make at least a few great connections that can support you on your business journey. We plan to collaborate too through the workshops that we offer.

Business Greenhouse: Supportive


We all need emotional and mental support from our peers and our network.

We can share our challenges in business and find people that are going through (or have been through) similar things.

Through the podcast and social media, we hope to support as many female-led businesses as we can – promoting their offerings and services and giving them a shout out!

Business Greenhouse: Fun


This has got to be about having fun, hasn’t it!? We want to have fun.

If you want to have fun then come and get involved.

We’re thinking about retreats, workshops and all kinds of things.

Business Greenhouse: Expert


Workshops delivered by experts who have real experience in growing and scaling businesses.

Then there are the experts who can help us with health and wellbeing – emotional, physical and mental wellbeing is key to be on top form (and to look after ourselves).

Within the Business Greenhouse, there is an extended network of experts that can help you grow a thriving business.


Structuring a Business

Setting up a Lean Startup

Finding New Opportunities to Grow



Empowered Entrepreneur

Measuring your Marketing

Creating Content

Social Media

Selling with Confidence

This is about meeting up and making connections and learning.  

It’s about getting away from our screens and social media and making connections in real life!

We will be offering some online workshops and webinars so that those that can’t make in person can still benefit.  


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