B2B Marketing

This Category contains article related to B2B Marketing, or business-to-business marketing. B2B marketing includes strategies aimed at promoting a product or service to other businesses, so it doesn't promote directly to consumers (or B2C marketing).If you're a business selling products in the health and wellbeing sector, for example, and you'd like to promote your products to businesses and professionals in the same industry, you may be interested in B2B strategies. In this category, I will also include case studies and strategies that the decision makers in your organisation can include in your marketing plan.

B2B Marketing Strategies

Even though you're interested in business-to-business marketing (and not business-to-consumer marketing) you still need to be very clear on who your target audience is. Consider their needs. Are the companies you're marketing to B2B companies? Do they carry out B2B sales? Are you advertising and promoting directly to B2B buyers?These are all questions you should consider in order to make the best business decisions for your company and ensure your marketing efforts generate a return on investments (or ROI).Strategies like content marketing, and email marketing, and social media marketing can be effective for digital marketers. When done effectively and with a clear buyer persona in mind, these strategies can work for B2B as much as they work for consumer marketing. They can really help your company influnce the purchase decisions of the companies you're promoting to.

How to create a B2B marketing strategy

To create your marketing strategy, it's important you have a clear vision. Once you're also clear on your buyer persona, you can focus on your channels. Which platforms are you going to be active on? What channels will you use to reach the businesses that will ultimately buy from you? With so much choice available in the marketing world, it's important to be intentional and strategic.Once you've picked your channels, decide on your campaigns. Include strong calls to action in your campaigns and ensure they're well planned and targeted. Of course, don't forget to measure results. Set your KPIs in advance and decide on when and how you're going to measure the results. If you find that you're not on track to achieve your targets, you can re-evaluate and course-adjust.

LinkedIn Tips

Show up regularly, share valuable content, make strategic connections, engage and support the work of others. Any other LinkedIn tips for growing your business? I have had 2 really interesting new business enquiries come from LinkedIn this week. Interestingly one I...