Marketing Strategies

This Category contains articles related to marketing strategies for small business owners and professionals. As a marketing consultant in the health and wellbeing sector, help craft marketing strategies for small businesses that operate both online and offline. Advertising your business through Google AdWords or Facebook Ads can be great ways to raise awareness about your local business. But marketing campaigns that are targeted and relevant to your target audience can be more effective in the long term. Some of the strategies for small businesses you can consider including online marketing strategies, like email marketing, content marketing, or social media marketing.

Having an online presence

It's important you invest in your own website and target the copy and content to your potential customers. Create compelling landing pages that will help you sell your product or service.

Content marketing

Creating and sharing well-crafted content will also help towards your business mraketing efforts. When your potential client look for content related to your business on Google or other search engines, you have a better chance to be found online. But also, if you write and share blog posts that regularly add value to your prospective clients, you start to build relationships with them and establish yourself as an authority and an expert in your field. This is something not many small business owners or local businesses do, so try and get ahead of the competition!

Email marketing

Make sure you collect the email addresses of your existing or prospective customers. Over time, you'll build an email list. And this will allow you to get in front of your audience with offers and promotions. If you need any specific ideas for online marketing for small businesses, you will find a separate Category with specific articles on that topic. And if you need any help with your marketing planning, I can help. So get in touch.

Why I have a podcast

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Why Marketing Strategy Matters

It matters because you have to have a marketing strategy in place before you do anything. Marketing tactics without strategy is a recipe for a disaster!   You need to be clear of who it is you’re targeting, what the messaging is and how to best market to that...