Today I want to talk about the customer journey, which is something that I believe is really important. I think it’s often overlooked, and yet it’s one of the most important things in my eyes. As a business owner, you must look after your prospects and your leads and your customers at every stage of the journey.

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I’m definitely going to do some more episodes on this because there is so much that you can cover off when you’re talking about the customer journey!

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What happens to your prospects?

  • Your prospects are the people that have never heard of you. They don’t even know you exist yet. But they’re the ones you want to buy from you. So what would be the journey that they go through as they get to know you?
  • Did they first hear about you through a referral or word of mouth? If so, what happens then? Or maybe they read about you in a magazine or an online article. Did they see you on social media? Or picked up an ad? It could be that they search for you or a product or service that you provide in Google and they come across to you that way.
  • From the minute a prospect comes into contact with your business or your brand, that is the start of the customer journey. So at every point from then, you have to be thinking about creating an amazing customer experience and being on-brand.

What happens to your leads?

  • When a prospect shows an interest, they might then join your newsletter. Maybe they’ve watched a video, downloaded your lead magnet or done a quiz. Maybe you’ve met them at a networking event and they said they’re interested. That means they’ve now become leads. So what’s the process that takes a lead into a customer?
  • This is where getting them to know, like and trust you becomes really important. You must nurture leads to get them to actually cross the line and make a sale.
  • So, in that process that your prospective customers are going through when they are leads, what is that process like for them? Is that journey – that experience – one that you would be proud of? Do you even know what it looks like? Have you mapped out what that experience is?

What happens to your customers?

  • Then last of all, when they become customers, if you’re selling a product, for example, you need to be thinking about delivery, packaging, the unpacking process, etc. It’s about providing great customer service. It’s about being remarkable and surprising and delighting your customers. Going over and above what they would expect.
  • Then the customer journey continues because, hopefully, they’ll go on to refer you to friends or to other people in their business and might even come back and buy from you again.
  • One of the things that you can do is measure the experience that your customers have had with your brand using something called NPS. That’s Net Promoter Score.

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My call to action today would be to map out your customer journey. Think about what happens from the point a prospect becomes a lead, through to a customer. Ensure that you are delivering a really fantastic customer experience at every one of those points, that you are on brand and that you’re embodying your brand values and what you believe about your business at each one of those steps.

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