What can companies do to promote employee wellbeing? And what can small and medium-sized business owners do to look after themselves and their staff?

In this week’s episode, I chat with health coach Tiffany Rowlands. An ex-TV reporter, Tiffany has been working with corporate and private clients across the world to promote and improve the health and wellbeing of their staff. This is, of course, a hot topic because billions of pounds are lost by companies every year to employee poor health – in the UK but more generally across the world. You can find more information on this in this article, ‘Sicknote Britain’ is back. But when better health means taking fewer days off work and feeling more energised and productive on the days when you are at work, then it’s clear that investing in staff wellbeing ultimately pays off.

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In our chat, Tiffany and I talk about why it’s important to create a culture in our organisation that promotes health and wellbeing. While you can never force people to take part in all the initiatives, use all the facilities you provide or adopt the behaviours you’re trying to encourage, as long as you’re making it possible for your staff to make healthier choices and positive changes, then you’re doing the best you can.

We also discuss the importance of accountability and support that a health coach like Tiffany can provide. While educational one-off talks and workshops are an excellent way to share information, the best results come from making sustainable changes. And after all, most of us know what we should be doing, but we struggle to make it happen!

You will learn…

What simple steps companies can take to promote the health and wellbeing of their staff

  • Allow and encourage breaks. A 15-20 minute lunch break away from your desk can make all the difference!
  • Provide access to healthy snacks – they don’t have to be expensive. A bowl of free fruit that’s available to employees could be a great start.
  • Encourage healthy living. Create a culture where people are encouraged to look after their health – make it easy for them. For example, you could provide access to free mindfulness apps or classes, start a running club, provide free vitamin D drops for employees during the winter, install facilities (fridges, etc.) to encourage staff to bring their own lunch, etc. (And if you’re short on ideas that you could implement in your own company, get in touch with Tiffany, and she’ll be happy to help!).

Why you should try mindful eating (and why it makes all the difference!)

  • When we eat at our desks in front of our screens, we are in a highly-stressed state. This means our digestive system doesn’t work as it should. And after eating, we often feel bloated and uncomfortable.
  • So what should you do instead? Leave your desk for 20 minutes, get some fresh air, and relax!
  • And if you really can’t and need to sit at your desk, then make it screen-free, take 3 big deep breaths before you eat, and think about what you’re eating. Look at, smell, and taste what you’re eating, and don’t rush through it. Try it – it can transform the way you feel!

How to make changes to the way you eat

  • Small but sustainable changes to the way you eat have the potential to transform the functioning on our minds and affect the health of the rest of our bodies.
  • Don’t just eat what’s available – the quickest and easiest option is often not the healthiest or the best for you!
  • Our gut health is strictly linked to our energy levels, so what we put in our mouths can affect our minds.
  • Start bringing your own food to work. Make twice the amount the night before and store a portion away for lunch for the next day. If that’s not possible, grab some salad, chicken pieces, and seeds on the way to work.
  • Wherever possible, cut down on highly processed and refined foods. Instead, feed your body with lots of colourful plants and as many varieties of fruit and vegetables that are rich in fibre. Start off by filling your plate with lots of green leafy vegetables, add proteins (fish, eggs, legumes, nuts, etc.), and then add a fistful of (wholegrain) starch (potatoes are great for this!).
  • Remember to eat enough fibre and protein – most of us don’t have enough! Protein, in particular, helps you feel full and energetic, so think of ways to include it in every main meal and snack.

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