Hannah Forbes is a crowdfunding expert and founder of The Funding Crowd. She helps businesses raise investment through alternative methods.

Hannah fell in love with the start-up environment during the final year of her engineering degree. She now works at the University of Cambridge in the Center of Alternative Finance, and she is doing a PhD in crowdfunding and crowdsourcing at the University of Liverpool.

In this week’s episode of Starting to Scale with Emmie Faust, we discuss the two most popular alternative fundraising routes for startups, equity and rewards-based crowdfunding. In addition, we also talked about:

  • The expected rates of success for rewards-based funding campaigns;
  • The traction indicators Hannah looks for when deciding whether start-ups are ready for equity-based crowdfunding;
  • How established brands are using rewards-based crowdfunding to bring their new products to market;
  • The impact the Coronavirus crisis is having on start-ups, as well as her predictions for the future or crowdfunding, VC and angel investing;
  • The essential steps and the timeframe for a successful crowdfunding campaign;
  • Lastly, how the documentation needed varies for an equity vs rewards-based campaign.

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