I am going to give you a tip on Google My Business.

I’m always amazed by how many businesses haven’t set up Google My Business and many aren’t even sure why they need it or how to set it up.

The purpose of Google My Business is that it helps you reach and engage with your users on Google and it also enables you to get Google reviews, which I think is really key because this is social proof to potential customers or potential clients that you are good at what you do. So if you’ve got lots of great five star reviews, and the odd four-star one in there too, obviously people can read through and they can read about your products, they can read about your services, they can read about what it’s like to work with you.

And I think that’s a really good sign to potential customers if they can see positive reviews from existing customers. So if you want to set up a Google My Business profile it’s free to set up. It’s also really easy. You literally just Google “set up Google my business” and you’ll go through a process, and you also add in some basic information about your company such as your location and contact details and things like that.

And you do need to verify your listing, so there are various ways that you can do this, but they send you a postcard in the post basically and then you input that code and that verifies your listing on Google my business.

One of the great things about Google my business is that it allows people to find your business in Google searches, and it also helps show your business on Google Maps, so it’s great for people who have businesses that are very focused in the local area. Make sure that you update your listing regularly with photos and videos if you can, and posts about yourself, and what your business does, as that allows people to get to know and trust you, which is obviously one of the key things that need to happen in order for people to want to buy from you.

If you haven’t already got Google My Business set up go ahead and do that. It is an easy, simple process. It will have a really positive effect, especially if you can also encourage your customers and clients to leave you a review, and when they do leave you a review make sure that you comment and say something that’s relevant, and even if the comments are not good ones then make sure that you address that both in real life and also in the response.

So get Google My Business setup if you haven’t already, and if you have, then don’t forget to ask existing customers, and also new customers, to leave you a review. I’ve written a blog post on this before if you want more info on Google My Business.