“If you’re not willing to fail you can’t innovate” love this quote from Brené Brown which I heard last night when watching her brilliant documentary. If you haven’t seen it already on Netflix I definitely recommend it.

Starting with Growth:

For real growth to happen I believe you need to develop 3 things.

Growth = business growth + digital growth + personal growth. 

I’ve been loving all your recommendations for my A-Z of Growth. Keep them coming! It’s amazing how many words resonate with us when it comes to growth.

This week I have taken a little break from A-Z on LinkedIn but been continuing on Instagram and will pop back soon with some video updates.

Happiness from Rebecca Morley:

I got Rebecca’s email yesterday and it really resonated with me – it was all about happiness and I wanted to share a little of it with you below:

Studies have found that people who report a greater sense of happiness generally have a higher level of immunity against illness. Focusing on my own happiness makes me feel as though I’ve created something of a protective shield around myself, but to know that it can protect your immune system too, well that’s win-win!

So how can you possibly focus on happiness with everything that’s going on?

Here’s 4 of the best (tried and tested with my clients!):

1. Don’t waste time focusing on the things you can’t control, focus your energy on the things you can – your actions, your reactions and your mindset.

2. Choose unconditional happiness. If you’re waiting for certain things to happen before you allow yourself to be happy then stop. Make a choice to be happy anyway whilst you’re working towards those things instead.3. Spread happiness wherever you can. Smile, say thank you and mean it, give someone a compliment, buy someone a coffee. Create virtuous circles that keep on giving.

4. Find joy in the every day. Slow down and notice the things that make you happy. Perhaps it’s a really good coffee? Or a great conversation. Challenge yourself to dwell on the good more than the bad.

Love this bit of advice from leadership coach, Rebecca Morley. Do sign up for her newsletter, Think Well, Lead Well

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