I love LinkedIn. I love how you can connect with new people that you’d struggle to get in front of in real-life.

And I love having the opportunity for meaningful conversations that build relationships.

I love how you never know where an interaction might take you. So what starts as a friendly chat can escalate to a business-changing referral or strategic partnership.

Jamie Capaldi runs a lead generation agency, along with his wife Janine, and I invited him (via LinkedIn obviously) to join me on the podcast to talk about the platform, and how they use it to help B2B brands build awareness of their products and services, and generate leads.

In this episode of Starting to Scale with Emmie Faust we discuss:

  • Organic vs paid LinkedIn content  – and which delivers the best ROI
  • What organic marketing on LinkedIn looks like
  • How he starts conversations with decision-makers and nurtures the slow, steady development of those relationships
  • The content formats that generate the most engagement
  • How to make a single piece of content work over and over again
  • The story-based content that rapidly builds your audience and connections
  • What start-ups should be sharing on LinkedIn now to be building their audience and opening up opportunities

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