As the founder of a business, you’ll be exposed to frequent stressful situations. 

An investment bid falls through.

A contract proposal is rejected.

A key team member quits.

It’s totally natural for your body to be flooded with emotions. But this can lead to bad decisions and impulsive behaviour.

And in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis we have a whole new layer of stress and emotive circumstances to deal with.

How do you respond without being hijacked by your fear? 

How do you make good decisions, without squashing down those uncomfortable feelings (because you know squashing them just postpones their inevitable uprising)? 

At this turbulent time, I invited Elise Finn to join us on the podcast, to share her wisdom about navigating an emotional maelstrom while still maintaining your effectiveness as the leader of your organisation.

Elise is a Personal, Business and Marketing Coach,with more than 30 years experience  most challenging work environments creating and leading transformational growth initiatives. In her last corporate role as Chief Marketing Officer for a £2.5Bn global business, she created a team that delivered £115+M p.a. in sales pipeline in its second year. Now she helps people achieve great success, without sacrificing the things they care about most.

I couldn’t think of a better person to help us through a time when our families and business need us more than ever.

In this interview Elise shares:

  • The #1 most important relationship we need to maintain to ensure our happiness and effectiveness.
  • What to do when chosen change and unchosen change collide.
  • How to avoid acting on emotions (while still allowing yourself to feel them)
  • The 3 step process that helps you quickly move on from bad news, so you can take considered, effective action. 


Resources mentioned in the podcast:

1 – Discover a fuller range of feelings with the Emotional Wheel. Here is an emotional ladder to help identify emotions:Emotional Ladder Elise Finn on Starting To Scale with Emmie Faust

2 – The Adversity Triangle 

  1. Outside. What is outside of my control that I need to accept?
  2. Inside. What is inside my control that will help me move through this crisis/event? (What do I need to do? What can I ask others to do?)
  3. Gratitude. What am I grateful for that continues to nourish me? (what am I grateful for externally? What am I grateful for from myself?)

3 – Elise Finn’s YouTube channel with more than 130 videos to help you succeed in your personal and professional life.

4 – Elise Finn on LinkedIn.

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