Marketing and Media Services

Marketing Services

“Finding the best marketing consultant for your company is about much more than merely bringing in the right experience at the right cost. Trust and honesty are vital if the relationship is to work.”



Emmie can work on one off projects for example putting together a marketing plan and calendar.  In addition, she is also available to work with clients on an ongoing basis to ensure that they are making the most of their marketing budget.  Here is a list of marketing services that Emmie provides.

  • Marketing Strategy based on company objectives and areas for growth.
  • Create a marketing plan based on marketing strategies
  • Marketing Calendar and budget
  • Market Research/ Understand the space
  • Customer Review.   What does your ‘ideal’ customer look like?
  • Brand.  Review mission, vision, values and stakeholder promise
  • SWOT and Identify 3-4 key areas for growth
  • Plan and implement marketing campaigns
  • Ensure all marketing channels are covered (Earned/Owned/Shared/Paid)
  • Track marketing campaigns and report on effectiveness.  This could be on a weekly or monthly basis depending on how often the client needs reporting.
  • Marketing Metrics – Set KPI’s and report on these regularly in line with client reporting.  What metrics are important to measure in your particular business in order to achieve your marketing goals?  Emmie will help you to work out what to measure.  Website visitors, CPL, CPA, customer lifetime value, profit, social media engagement are all examples of metrics that could be measured.
  • Review sales funnel/ lead generation and improve.
  • Review website
  • SEO audit.  Working with an SEO specialist Emmie will audit the site and put together a comprehensive SEO strategy.
  • Content audit and strategy
  • Create marketing collateral/ assets
  • Marketing Director services each month, or on a regular basis.  Therefore enabling the client to have the expertise of a marketing director without the cost of employing someone full or part time.

New Business Services

Often ‘new business’ is a word used for to refer to B2B clients getting more business/ clients.   Therefore this means marketing services for B2B.

  • Identify Target Clients. What are the sorts of businesses that you want to buy either your goods or services?  Who is the person in that business that will make that decision?
  • Source New Partnerships.  Who are the other companies that you can make strategic partnerships with?
  • Identify New Markets or areas for expansion.  Are there either any new markets or territories where you could sell your products or services?
  • Pitching to potential clients.  Emmie is able to help with the pitching process.  She has considerable experience doing this both in her own business and also in other consultancy/ freelance roles.
  • Awards, Conferences and Events.  What awards and conferences should you go to?  As a result you can make the right contacts and it can be great for networking.
  • PR. If you can get PR coverage it can be a fantastic.  Therefore it can also be a cost effective way to get your brand/ company in front of your target audience.  Make sure that you have a well thought-out PR strategy.
  • Website/SEO/Social Media review
  • Identify opportunities with existing clients

Media Planning and Buying Services

  • Full media review
  • Research of target audience
  • Media planning
  • Media buying
  • Creative production including video creative if required.

To conclude, there is a full list of marketing services available which can help you grow your business. If you would like to know more about Emmie and her experience you can read more about her role as a marketing consultant.  This gives details about the campaigns and clients that she has worked with previously.


Emmie stands out for me; head and shoulders above most other people I have encountered. She’s a born digital leader and demonstrates it in an insightful and strategic way as often as possible.

On the basis of our six months together, I can certainly say; she will not fail to impress.

Aiden, The Coloring In Department


I’ve worked with Emmie for over 10 years – and her appeal endures. A committed entrepreneur.   She’s a loyal and generous business partner with a capacity for running successful and eye-catching business ventures.

Andy Freedman, Founder, Substance Global