Why do small and medium-size businesses waste time and money on marketing that doesn’t work? Because they don’t have a clear marketing strategy!

In this week’s episode, I chat with marketing expert and business growth consultant Kelly Teasdale. Kelly and I talk about some of the most common mistakes business owners make in their marketing.

And one of the biggest mistakes Kelly sees people make all the time is marketing their business ‘from the outside in’ rather than ‘from the inside out’. In other words, a lot of business owners focus on tactics without having worked out a clear strategy first.

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In our interview, Kelly shares 3 simple steps to help you come up with a marketing strategy that allows you to create success and business growth. We also talk about the importance of building relationships and engaging with the people who resonate with our products or services. Because, ultimately, these are the people who are going to buy from us, but no one buys from you as soon as they’ve come across you on social media!

We also discuss the importance of showing up on the right social media platforms, about differentiating your business from your competitors in order to stand out in a crowded market, and about measuring your marketing activities.

You will learn…

The 3 key questions you need to answer to create a simple marketing strategy that will lead to success and growth in your business.

  • What is your business? What is your vision? And your mission? What’s your idea, and who do you want to be like?
  • Who’s your ideal client – the person that your products or services are for? Understand how they think, where they show, what problems they have, etc.?
  • What else is going on in the world around you? Do a SWOT analysis and consider the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for your business. This helps you identify key challenges to marketing and growing your business. Find a space where you can jump in and be different!

Why you shouldn’t spend any time or money on your marketing without a strategy. And also, why you should never engage in any activities if you don’t intend to (or know how to) measure what you are doing and the results.

  • Always have a way to measure what you do! There’s a metric available for everything you do, so decide on what you’re going to measure before you do anything and check results at regular intervals.
  • Look at incremental results. Can you see an improvement? If you spot something that isn’t working, optimise and tweak.

Why ‘magic button solutions’ don’t work – there’s no overnight success or unique approach you can follow to achieve growth. It’s about being different and working on a marketing plan that is tailored to your business.

  • Being in business is about being different – copying someone else’s approach isn’t going to work. Don’t fall into the trap of believing the ‘overnight successes’ who claim they can teach you their formula to success. It just doesn’t work that way!


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About Kelly

If you’d like to connect with Kelly, you can find her on her website, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Join Kelly with her new program Best Year in Business 2020.

She is going to be running a FREE Best Year in Business Online Marketing Masterclass for business owners on 1 December 2019 which is focused on business positioning, branding, marketing strategy, marketing planning, and content creation.

Kelly is a marketing consultant who helps businesses to grow. Very similar to what I do, but we both have slightly different strengths and backgrounds.  The reason that I chose to talk to Kelly is that she is someone that I rate very highly when it comes to marketing strategy. I have worked with her quite a few times on my client projects.  She has helped me in my own business – it’s great to be able to have an outside perspective on things – we all know when we’re in it it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees! She is ACE.

Kelly and I both feel very strongly about helping business owners who are wasting time and money on marketing activities that are not working- this is because they have no strategy!  Most prospective clients that I meet with are suffering from this problem.  They are using marketing tactics with no background strategy to back it all up. Many have wasted huge amounts of money which is a real shame for them and can cause a lot of stress for all involved – not good.

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