Martin Brown, CEO of Elephants Child, and I talking all things Growth 📈 Martin helps founders of SME’s scale and create successful outcomes to stimulate and enable their lives.

Tune in to hear us talk about the following:

  • How to plan for the exit and selling your business. It’s worth planning in advance for this time so that you always have choices.
  • What happens when you lose your passion for your business?
  • Opening up clients to the art of what is possible – what could you achieve?
  • Martin believes that 2021 is going to be a great year for lots of businesses
  • Marketing your business and finding opportunities during the pandemic
  • Why a strategy is so important – it gives you clarity on what you should and should not be doing. Its often saying no that is critical to growth.
  • Pivoting in a pandemic – taking offline services online
  • Martin likes to work to a 3-year timeline for planning
  • Why it’s important to get an outside perspective to leverage knowledge and support for growth.

What do you think? Did any of this resonate with you or help?

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