Episode 8 of The Business Greenhouse is all about staying focused and being more efficient by just doing one thing at a time.

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Today I’m going to talk about a brilliant book called The One Thing, which I read and thought was fantastic. It talks about focusing on one thing. I think we all try and do so much. We get distracted, we struggle to stay focused and often we’re trying to multi-task.

And once I read this book, it makes it very obvious that the thing to do is to think about, what is the most important thing that needs to be done that can really move your business forward. You can also use the same kind of framework for anything in your life, whether it be your health or your relationships or things like that.

But given that we’re talking about work and growing businesses here, what is the one thing that you can do today that can really help move your business forward? And just focus on doing that.

Get rid of all the other distractions. Close down your WhatsApp and all your other notifications and your emails and just work on that one project. Because if you can get that moving then that’s going to really help everything else in the business.

This is very relevant for smaller businesses and even some of the larger businesses I’ve worked in where there’s been sometimes, you know, a hundred people working there. I’ve seen people trying to run way too many projects at once and none of them actually ever get properly finished. Or it takes ages to get anything done because the tech team could be working on multiple projects. Setting up a subscription plan, gift vouchers, launching an app and various other things and they get distracted, rather than just focusing on one thing.

I have to say that I have also struggled with this distraction. At one point we were running a successful media agency and we set up another agency at the same time doing something slightly different.  When we were running two businesses, it was sometimes a struggle because we weren’t focusing on just one thing. We were then focusing on two.

And we definitely took our eye off the ball on one of them and it wasn’t until we made a decision, an active decision to both take responsibility for one business and each focus on one thing that both those businesses began to grow and both of them ended up doing really well.

Call to Action:  I’d love you to go away and read the book, that’d be fantastic, The One Thing.  Or just think about what can you focus on today that is really going to move the needle with your business and get rid of all the other distractions and just go with that.

I have also written a blog post about this topic previously which you can read here, Just Do One Thing.