How do you know that the experts that you are working with are doing a good job and delivering on what they say they will?

Tricky isn’t it when you are not sure exactly what they are meant to be doing?

Most businesses that I work with have used (or are using when I first meet them) the wrong ‘experts’ or maybe experts that aren’t delivering on what they are meant to be.

Wasting (time and) money not only on their fees but also on the things that they recommend you do in your business which might not be right for you.

If you feel unsure always ask for help – ask a friend, a fellow business owner, a mentor if you can just ask their advice.
It’s always worth getting a second opinion if you are unsure…

And I know that there are lots of great experts out there who are doing amazing things for their clients and helping them grow a thriving business.

But, unfortunatelyūüėĘ, I come across a lot of prospective clients that have been burnt.
And that is really sad when you are putting so much love and energy into your business.

Some have been wasting £200K+ a year and that is a lot of money and energy and time to throw away. I want to change this.

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