The Growth Podcast with Emmie Faust

This podcast is for entrepreneurs and founders looking to grow a thriving business. I’m a serial entrepreneur turned consultant (with a couple more business ideas in me, waiting to come to life!) and a mum of 4.

On The Growth Podcast, I share with you my stories – the ups and downs of setting up, growing and selling businesses. I give you strategies and insights from my past 20 years in marketing + digital + growth, where I’ve experienced massive successes (and a failure!). I also interview the founders of brands I admire, and people doing great things in the world, to hear more about their growth journey.

Generating a healthy profit is vital but I believe it’s also about having fun, making a positive impact, being efficient with time + money, and genuinely caring about everyone your company affects. 

You can listen here on the site, or on any of the podcasting platforms below.

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Crowdfunding for Growth

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