In the beginning, it was just you and your idea, and maybe a co-founder. This isolation doesn’t just expose you to loneliness, it also makes you vulnerable to your own personal blind spots. It’s crucial to add the right people to your team at the right stage (in return for the right incentive) – it can make or break your start-up.

In this week’s podcast, I interviewed Andrew Waters, co-founder of Zanda, a recruitment firm that supports start-up founders or VCs with senior hires as they look to scale.

Andrew and I discussed why bringing the right team members onboard, with the right skillsets, and offering the right incentive is key to the success of your scale-up at every stage of funding, including:

  • Why as a founder, it is your strengths you should focus on, not your weaknesses
  • What to do to overcome your blind spots
  • Why recruiting an Advisor or Non-executive Director doesn’t need to be as costly as you think
  • The shift in career priorities for graduates that’s helping start-ups recruit new talent
  • The different types of advice you need between the different rounds of funding from Angel to Series C, D and beyond
  • How offering equity stakes to Advisors or NEDs is a win-win
  • What to look for in an Advisor, Expert or NED – and how to find them
  • The sources of free advice start-ups should tap into

Useful Links:

Andrew Waters LinkedIn profile:

Zanda Talks – The Zanda Search podcast:

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