Emmie provided a great insight into evaluating our current marketing strategy and we worked together to put a new improved strategy in place through looking at our customer journey and into how we can improve this to increase sales leads & revenue. It was a pleasure working with Emmie and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their current marketing strategy. Daniel Caleb

Wellcome Trust

Emmie carried out a full review of our business needs particularly focusing on marketing and digital media. She continues to provide fantastic support and advice in almost every area and Emmie is a dream to work with. She is super efficient, very calm and incredibly thorough. I hope our relationship with Emmie will continue for many years to come. Kate Prince

Ancient Brave

I attended a half-day business workshop with Emmie – it was very informative and useful. I implemented the strategies she shared and within 2 weeks I won a great client which was a leading London museum. I have also been getting lots of traction on LinkedIn using the tips that she shared with me and have been making some great connections. I cannot stress how happy I am with the results and would recommend Emmie to anyone who would like to see their business grow. Liesel Bockl


Emmie has been amazing to work with, she’s incredibly knowledgeable and full of inspiration. I always leave a meeting with Emmie feeling motivated to drive forward. Highly recommend. Emma Stanfield

Beyond Communications

Emmie is a remarkable marketer with access to outstanding strategic partners. Her recommendations helped me to quickly establish and promote my niche employment law firm. I highly recommend her. Henry Dowsell

Doswell Law

Emmie is warm, professional and ‘got’ my business immediately. She made something seemingly impenetrable easy and clear to me. Thank you for all your help. I feel much more confident going forward. You’ve enabled me to make that crucial first step… Anna Warrilow

Canvas and Stone

What an amazing marketing strategy session with the brilliant Emmie Faust who helped me see the light in terms of where and how I should be focusing my attention that is realistic and very doable within my time constraints as a Mum with 4 kids trying to build my nutrition business. I’m so excited to get going and couldn’t get enough of her fab ideas. Such wise words, but not surprising given her wealth and breadth of marketing experience and her passion for health and wellbeing so she completely understood me. Thank you Emmie, I can totally understand why people have been raving about you. Georgina Robertson

GR Nutrition

I have worked with Emmie in various of her roles and businesses and a few things never change. Emmie is one of those unique individuals that is always driven, dedicated and most importantly results oriented, she always delivers on target or her word. Emmie is a true digital veteran and you only have to look at her career to see the amazing things she has achieved and true to her entrepreneurial spirit is still achieving. If Emmie doesn’t know something she will 100% know someone or connect you to someone that does. I personally , as well as my teams have always enjoyed working alongside her and I cant recommend her various skills more highly. Oh I nearly forgot, she is just a really great human being to! Grant McFarlane


Emmie is a brilliant marketing consultant as well as providing uswith insightful business guidance and strategy advice. We reallyvalue having her as part of our wider team – she’s been a massivehelp over recent months and we look forward to working with hermuch more in the future. Jeff

Tonic 365

I have absolutely loved working with Emmie. She is one of the most efficient and organised individuals I have ever met. She created an incredibly thorough and helpful marketing plan for our company, and continues to assist with digital strategy. She has been an invaluable part of nourishing and growing our business model. Annelie Whitfield

Ancient and Brave

Love working with Emmie Faust! Since Emmie came in to help us with developing our marketing strategy we have made huge progress in getting a whole lots of initiatives identified and actioned. We have also been getting new business almost …More Nick Butcher

Beyond Communications

Emmie is one of those people you learn things from, whether you are just having a quick chat or a long conversation. Attending The Kick Start Your Business workshop was an excellent way to start my year with a good plan to work through and …More Helen Bantock

Kite Webdesign

We ran a two-day Marketing Hack at our office in West London and Emmie’s expertise was vital. She made a long and complex to-do list a breeze, helping the whole team. Chris Lissaman

Interactive Workshops

Emmie is one of life’s exceptional people. She is a member of my women’s network, and I have also supported her on some business planning, so have gained a good understanding of how she operates. In terms of her business skills, what I find refreshing is that she is a results-oriented marketeer. She is always clear on the end goal, and has endless ideas on how to achieve it. She has a “can do” attitude which means she also has a broad skillset. More importantly, she is just lovely. So humble about her significant achievements, and can never do enough for others. Warm, smart and fun to work with. Would highly recommend. Lisa Woodward

Athena West London

Emmie and I have known each other since 2011 and have worked on several different projects. As an online marketing expert Emmie has been instrumental to the success of some of our brands in the UK. She is pragmatic and pleasant to work with and besides her professional attitude she also has an incredibly good network of people that she can recommend for specific areas. I have always enjoyed working with Emmie and can highly recommend her Marin Muyser

Internet Entreprenuer

I recently worked alongside Emmie, when she recommended me to one of her clients. Emmie had been assisting her client in the creation of a new product and the subsequent marketing strategies to launch it successfully. I was brought in to produce the branding for the new product and was briefed by Emmie along with the client. In our meetings, I was struck by Emmie’s profound knowledge of product creation and marketing strategies. She’s brilliant to work with as she provides a solid brief and an step-by-step action plan to keep the project on track. She’s bright, engaging, professional, supportive and extremely experienced in her field. I would heartily recommend Emmie as a Marketing Consultant for any small to mid-size business looking to explore new marketing strategies. She will help you to improve your bottom line and become more successful. No doubt. Angela zeballos

Angela Zeballos Design

Love working together with Emmie, she’s bright, extremely experienced and great fun. What a joy to find someone you can connect socially with so easily and who is a no nonsense, cut to the chase, business building expert. Sunara Spires

Spires Marketing

I found Emmie’s advice on marketing my business invaluable. Given her expertise in the health and wellness field, she understood my business very quickly, helping me focus and short cut my way to marketing success. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and I continue to enjoy working with her. Deborah McTaggart