Client Testimonials

We started working with Emmie back in January 2020. I can’t tell you the impact she’s had on both of us as founders – inspiring, motivating, clarifying, driving us – but also on our business. Who knows if we would have survived (and some may say thrived) the pandemic without her guidance. 

She makes everything feel like water off a duck’s back – her measured, friendly, encouraging manner is a tonic each week.   Her knowledge and skill set in this space have turned our business into a much slicker, forward-looking, shipshape entity. 

With her help, we’ve completed our mission, vision, and values statement which now guides us; we identified the pillars of our business which will drive profitability; we measured, analysed, forecast, and made data king (definitely not a strong point for a creative magazine editor).

Emmie has encouraged me to properly engage with LInkedin – and I know that has brought business and leads to our door.

We love Emmie!

Lucy Cleland

Founder, Country & Townhouse

Prior to working with Emmie we were anxious about our marketing and our route to market. She has demystified the whole process and made it super simple for us to understand. We now have everything we need for a successful launch including marketing and content strategy. If you are thinking of working with Emmie it’s a very worthwhile investment! Her experience, contacts and assistance will make a huge difference to your business

Nick Orme

Founder, Njori

I can’t recommend Emmie highly enough. She goes above and beyond for her clients. In a short space of time she helped me to plan and build an online membership site that I’ve been wanting to do for the last 2 years!

I was able to focus on the ‘mission-critical’ tasks and get so much done each week.

Alongside that, we worked on branding and marketing, reviewed current products and put in place a new payments system that made the process so much easier for my customers.

Before working with Emmie, I didn’t have a solid foundation for my business or a good digital offering and now I have both. I’m feeling a lot more confident about the future of my business!

Anika Awasthi

Grad Careers Coach

Love working with Emmie Faust!

Since Emmie came in to help us with developing our marketing strategy we have made huge progress in getting a whole lot of initiatives identified and actioned.

We have also been getting new business almost immediately through her help and guidance on LinkedIn.

To have such a bundle of positivity and energy come in to help us has been a joy. Thoroughly great value.

Nick Butcher

Beyond Communications

I chose Emmie to help me with my business because of her previous track record and her expertise in helping start-up businesses. A tremendous additional strength is her network of competitive and unrivaled suppliers without whom we wouldn’t have achieved our goals, within the very tight deadline.

Emmie managed the team, and within three weeks of our first meeting, we had our online shop live, and she was instrumental in generating sales. Within three weeks, we were in Shopify’s top 8% of new vendors who launched at the same time.  Her skills and knowledge of the e-commerce and digital arena were invaluable, and it ensured that I covered my set-up costs within six weeks of launch.

Emmie is a trusted partner, and I would recommend her to anyone that wishes to launch a business. I have saved time and money by working with her, plus we have had a lot of fun!

Jane Dyson


Emmie provided a great insight into evaluating our current marketing strategy and we worked together to put a new improved strategy in place through looking at our customer journey and into how we can improve this to increase sales leads & revenue.

It was a pleasure working with Emmie and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their current marketing strategy.

Daniel Caleb

Wellcome Trust

A highly recommended strategic marketeer and business coach, Emmie is a force to be reckoned with.

She swooped into my business and in many ways transformed it, giving me the direction and tools that I needed to get real and tangible results.

This included securing a new round of funding, creating a solid business plan and rebuilding our product.

I had several consultants before but none was as no-nonsense, results-driven or as fun to work with as Emmie and I’m now proud to call her a friend. A huge thanks!

Suzann Bozorgi


Emmie helped us get clear on our business goals and a clear route in which to navigate them. She worked on our business plan, financial model and strategy as well as troubleshooting the business pre launch. Emmie is delightful to work with, and I would highly recommend her consulting to any start-up or growth-focused business.

Carmella Sternberg

Founder and Director , Mamma Wellbeing

Emmie and I have known each other since 2011 and have worked on several different projects. As an online marketing expert Emmie has been instrumental to the success of some of our brands in the UK.

She is pragmatic and pleasant to work with and besides her professional attitude she also has an incredibly good network of people that she can recommend for specific areas. I have always enjoyed working with Emmie and can highly recommend her

Marin Muyser

Internet Entrepreneuer

Emmie consulted for Mr & Mrs Smith between 2016 and 2017.

She helped audit our digital agencies and spend, put in place a new PPC agency, improved our tracking, attribution and ROI by channel and customer profile, and hired a permanent Head of Digital Marketing.

Emmie was hard working, forthright, clear in her recommendations and good fun.

Edward Orr

Executive Chairman and CFO , Mr & Mrs Smith

Our main business challenges before working with Emmie were understanding the process for marketing and general strategy, knowing what new roles we need and when to hire them, and finding the right people to work with for many services (PR, paid ads, social media etc).

In the long run, I can imagine Emmie has saved us a lot of money, but more immediately she has saved us a lot of time to get our heads around how everything works.

It’s hard to put a price on confidence, but I am so much happier now we have our whole strategy mapped out by someone who really knows what they are doing.

If you are thinking about working with Emmie just do it!

Jack Raison

Founder, Njori

Emmie carried out a full review of our business needs particularly focusing on marketing and digital media.

Emmie is a dream to work with. She is super efficient, very calm and incredibly thorough.

I hope our relationship with Emmie will continue for many years to come.

Kate Prince

Ancient Brave

Emmie is one of life’s exceptional people. She is a member of my women’s network, and I have also supported her on some business planning, so have gained a good understanding of how she operates.
In terms of her business skills, what I find refreshing is that she is a results-oriented marketer. She is always clear on the end goal and has endless ideas on how to achieve it. She has a ‘can do’ attitude which means she also has a broad skillset.
More importantly, she is just lovely. So humble about her significant achievements, and can never do enough for others. Warm, smart and fun to work with. Would highly recommend.

Lisa Woodward

Athena West London

I recently worked alongside Emmie, when she recommended me to one of her clients. Emmie had been assisting her client in the creation of a new product and the subsequent marketing strategies to launch it successfully. I was brought in to produce the branding for the new product and was briefed by Emmie along with the client. In our meetings, I was struck by Emmie’s profound knowledge of product creation and marketing strategies.

She’s brilliant to work with as she provides a solid brief and a step-by-step action plan to keep the project on track. She’s bright, engaging, professional, supportive and extremely experienced in her field. I would heartily recommend Emmie as a Marketing Consultant for any small to mid-size business looking to explore new marketing strategies. She will help you to improve your bottom line and become more successful. No doubt.

Angela Zeballos

Angela Zeballos Design

Emmie, thank you so much for all the amazing things you have done for me and helped me see for Cook Folk. I feel like a new person after our sessions and it’s honestly been the most enlightening and brilliant experience for me.

I’ve got a really brilliant, actionable plan to put into practice and I am much more confident about taking the business into a new digital realm after the difficulties of lockdown.

Louisa Chapman-Andrews

Cook Folk

I have worked with Emmie in various of her roles and businesses, and a few things never change. Emmie is one of those unique individuals that is always driven, dedicated, and most importantly results-oriented.  She always delivers on target or on her word.

Emmie is a true digital veteran and you only have to look at her career to see the amazing things she has achieved and true to her entrepreneurial spirit is still achieving.

If Emmie doesn’t know something she will 100% know someone or connect you to someone that does. I personally , as well as my teams have always enjoyed working alongside her and I cant recommend her various skills more highly. Oh I nearly forgot, she is just a really great human being to!

Grant McFarlane


I have absolutely loved working with Emmie. She is one of the most efficient and organised individuals I have ever met.

She created an incredibly thorough and helpful marketing plan for our company. She has been an invaluable part of nourishing and growing our business model.

Annelie Whitfield

Ancient and Brave

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