West London Marketing Consultant


I am a West London marketing consultant, specialising in working with clients that have small to medium sized businesses and are based in Chiswick, Hammersmith, Ealing, Shepherds Bush and the surrounding areas.    I love working with west London businesses and I am passionate about helping local companies accelerate their business growth.

My clients

I tend to work with businesses that know that they need some high-level marketing support but don’t want a full-time marketing director (and can’t afford one).  Most of my clients are already doing some form of marketing but they want to put some structure in place.  We work together and after a number of one-to-one sessions, I am able to help them firm up their marketing strategy.

  • I will create a marketing plan, marketing calendar, and budget.
  • I will put in place a reporting system so that all marketing channels can be measured effectively.
  • And I will review these results monthly with the client and optimise the campaigns accordingly.  If a particular channel is working well we will look to expand that activity.  If something is not bringing in the right results we will look to tweak that campaign, perhaps testing different targeting, creative or messaging.

Why use a local marketing consultant?

The benefit of using a local west London marketing consultant, like myself, is that I have lots of great local suppliers.  They are tried and tested and also most importantly great value.  Many of whom I use for my own projects.

I am very lucky to have worked with a number of different clients in West London, and I’m currently working with a design and branding agency based in Hammersmith. I have also, and still work with, a number of B2B clients  – which is one of my passions.  Having run my own business I love helping other businesses achieve growth through marketing and offering my own insights from my agency days.  I also work consulted on a number of other projects with interior designer, health and wellness expert and a client that provides care for the elderly.  You can have a look here at my full list of marketing services.

I love West London!Pin quote - a walking meeting is 50% more productive in terms of brain power. Emmie Faust Marketing.

Another reason why I have chosen to focus on West London is purely selfish!! I love being able to walk or cycle to meetings which is such a joy compared to getting the tube into central London.  It’s great to be able to cycle through the parks and meet with clients on Chiswick High Road (favourites being Chateau Dessert or High Road House) or meet somewhere in Hammersmith like The Lyric which has a great outdoor roof garden.

I love walking and find it great for meetings – James who did my branding and website tells me  walking increases creative output by 60%  and I agree!   Its great to be able to walk along the river from Hammersmith to Chiswick, or pop down to Shepherds Bush and catch up in one of the great cafes nearby.  The added bonus is that I clock up my 10K steps for the day, which makes my health and wellness client happy.

I spend a lot of time with clients working out who their ideal customer or client is. Well, my ideal client is one based locally – I am a west London marketing consultant and I love it.  I am part of the West London Athena Network which has been a great way to meet other local businesses. Yes, I will get on the tube and travel if I have to, but ideally, I stick to what I love!