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Book a free 30 min discovery call.

This is a chance for me to understand more about your business and the challenges that you are facing.

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Business growth services Emmie Faust

Put together a Business Growth Strategy

When we decide to work together I will undertake a thorough review of your business.

I will put together a strategy and plan for the next 12-18 months.  This process takes approx 3 months from start to finish, but we’ll start taking action from our first meeting.

We will identify all the resources needed in order to grow the business.

Start Growing The Business and Work Together

Let’s start growing the business and implementing the plan that we created together.

I can help you with any resource problems that you might have such as hiring the right people or finding reliable and good agencies, freelancers and suppliers.

We will update the marketing and business reports monthly and review these at our monthly meetings.

We will review all activity to ensure that the business is on track to achieve its objectives and make changes if needed.

I ask for a minimum 6-month commitment from clients for ongoing consultancy.

During that time I am here to help you and support you with any business challenges that you have.

Even though you will start to see positive changes from our first session I know that businesses need at least 6 months to fully implement a plan.

Honestly, it takes time and energy to make something a success, so I don’t sell overnight success plans as that would be a lie

6 months in and you will see that your business is on track to achieve the impressive results that I have seen with my own business and the clients that I have worked with.

I am looking for long term relationships with my clients with a view to becoming a non-exec director to some of those companies that need my expertise on a long term basis.

If this sounds like a good fit then please do get in touch


Business growth services Emmie Faust